Neuroscience advocacy efforts by neuroscience professional societies and organisations over the last two decades had been driven by two global neuroscience campaigns; the concluded ‘Decade of the Brain’ (1990-1999), and the current ‘Decade of the Mind’ (2010-2020). Malaysia’s initiative for the latter campaign is illustrated by a University-Community Engagement (UCE) project, spearheaded by Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) through its Division of Industry & Community Network (BJIM) that funded a UCE Flagship Project known as ‘BrainBee@USM’ since 2012 that is based at Department of Neurosciences, School of Medical Sciences, USM Health Campus. This project involves both staff and graduate students to engage with pupils and teachers at both primary and secondary school levels in Malaysia. The key aim is to raise awareness and promote wider understanding of the brain and nervous system. One of the strategies to achieve this aim is through neuroscience competition in the form of quizzes as ‘Malaysian Brain Bee Challenge’ (MBBC) with an International Brain Bee Championships for the secondary school contestants. From a humble beginning of 50 student contestants in 2012, MBBC has since attracted over 7000+ students from 600+ schools with partnerships of 15 University hosts nationwide. As an educational engagement initiative, it also received the recognition from the Ministry of Education (Sports and Arts Education Division).

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The Malaysian Society of Neurosciences (MSN), as the leading non-profit neuroscience professional society in Malaysia had endorsed and supported MBBC in 2018 with the initiation for the first time, the MSN Young Talent Fund to help with the preparation of the MBBC National Champion to participate in the International Brain Bee (IBB) championships. And this year, in conjunction with 29th MSN Annual Scientific Meeting and in celebration of MSN 30th Anniversary theme ‘From Strength to Strength, for the first time, MBBC Grand Final 2019 gets to be featured alongside the MSN professional members annual gathering. It is hoped that this experience would provide the Top-50 MBBC National Finalists a memorable motivation for their future venture into neuroscience for Malaysia, one day. Finally, on behalf of the team at the MSN 2019 Main Conference Committee, MSN 2019 Local Organising Committe & MBBC 2019 Secretariat at Zone E (BrainBee@USM), we wish MBBC National Finalists, all the very best!!




IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL MBBC 2019 National Finalists – MBBC Secretariat shall be in touch directly with your respective Schools for further instruction and preparation. Please take note that MBBC Grand Final 2019 is scheduled on 5th and 6th July 2019 at Ridel Hotel, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.

If you have any further query, feel free to contact MBBC Secretariat at this email: brainbeeusm@gmail.com.

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